Girls at Work Today


Winner of Tokyo's #1 active female college student ranking! #We love the students!
We have carefully selected innocent JDs who shine with youthfulness,
and we have the top neat and clean and beautiful girls
in the area with natural loveliness! Cannot be canceled or changed


60min21,000 yen
90min25,000 yen
120min29,000 yen
150min35,000 yen
5 hours (300)min 70,000 yen
8 hours (480)min 100,000 yen
10 hours (600)min 130,000 yen
Other traveling expenses1,000 yen~


You can now pay by credit card at the time of reservation from your computer or smartphone.
*Please confirm the fee with the restaurant before making a payment.


I am a foreigner. Can I use the service?

Yes, you can.

Are the girls in your store Japanese?

Yes, they are all young Japanese. Yes, they are all young Japanese.

Can you call them at my hotel?

Basically, yes. Please let us know the name of the hotel first.

Can I use a credit card?

Yes, we do. Please check with the restaurant.

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How to use LINE, Wechat.
If you make a reservation on LINE or Wechat, please check the following.